December 11, 2015
ISM Innobase
18 Arklių Street, Vilnius

#hruBaltics x Vilnius

HR Unconference

HR Unconferences #HRU is a social learning platform organized worldwide, where the emphasis is on conversation, communication and free exchange of ideas and experiences, aimed at HR enthusiasts, recruiters and techies to discuss the latest innovations and technologies used in making HR easier.

Join #hruBaltics x Vilnius if you would like to get (or share!) practical knowledge about:

– Effective graduate recruitment practices and relationships ‘Business/University’;

– Job ads writing benchmarks and ways to increase candidate pipeline with well-written ads;

– Design-thinking approach in management for HR;

– Employee engagement trends and tools;

– Organisational development and engagement for startups and growing businesses;

– Social and mobile recruitment;

– Global employer branding practices tailored for local market.

#hruBaltics x Vilnius is sponsored by Alliance for Recruitment – leading Baltic provider of recruitment services and powered by CV-Online – largest job-board portal in Baltic region. The event is hosted by ISM University of Management and Economics.

Vita Lysovaite

Vita Lysovaite


ISM Innobase
18 Arklių Street, Vilnius

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