Our HR Unconferences are designed to bring good value to both – participants and sponsoring partners – by:

  • assuring high level, progressive and future-oriented content for attendees
  • and relevant people at the right time for sponsors.

What we learned from attending and doing the researches of big HR summits is that the real value happens outside the keynote sessions, exhibitions and formal discussions. This is why we created the Unconference style HR events where everyone can influence the content and have the own voice for shaping the future of HR.

Take a look at what our participants say about this format:


Learn more about the trends and changes in the HR events market (what you have to know as the potential sponsor) from our WHITE PAPER.


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  • Can I sponsor the events in the locations relevant only to our business?

Yes. Using our worldwide experience, we can organize HR Unconferences in any location you want, based on the theme relevant to your business.

  • How do you select the themes for your events?

We try to select the most progressive, challenging & future-oriented themes for our events which are influenced by our sponsors.


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