Varun Bhatia

President at Growth Outcomes / USA
Member of #HRU since December 2015
I invest in HR tech because HR needs to change from being an order-taker to being an agenda-shaper

In my spare time I watch The Office, Shark Tank and Undercover Boss as I get to laugh at politically incorrect stuff, get excited about innovative small businesses and see how employees react when no one is watching them.

What you will never hear from people about me is that I’m satisfied with the status quo.

I invest in HR tech because HR needs to change from being an order-taker to being an agenda-shaper and that can only happen when we lead the way in innovatively improving productivity, performance and passion in organizations.

I am interested in helping young people succeed and improving alignment between organizational strategy and individual hopes.

I do not care about hierarchy and appeasing the boss, especially if I don’t think the boss is right!

I was the first person inside a factory to be the HR Head for the plant, without ever having stepped inside a plant before.

I love people with initiative, those who see the big picture but get shit done … scholar warriors!

I am not good at doing only what will get me ahead, but I always think of what’s best for the organization.

For me, data analytics gives us the ability to predict where there is a traffic jam so we can take a different fork in the road before getting stuck … in fact, why just the road? It should give us different travel options. The only thing we must not forget is that data analytics doesn’t take the decision for us, as we still have to deal with unknowns, and ultimately there’s going to be some guts involved in the final decision!

I would definitely invest in a company that has a tenacious leader who solves real problems and has a totally unique way of doing it, with the ability to make money and scale globally.

HR is all about creating unforgettable employee experiences where people can answer the following three questions in a positive way for employees: Can I contribute here? Can I grow here? Do I belong here?

At Gillette, nobody cared about “watching your back” as we had a culture of trust I haven’t seen anywhere else.

When the CEO asks me about ROI, I think about commercial returns and returns in terms of employee growth.

It sucks to suck up to someone when your values aren’t aligned with them.

I am Mister Overcommitment as I believe we only have a limited time on this planet so we have a lot to do and experience.

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