April 13, 2016
KPMG HQ (8th floor)
Dvořákovo nábrežie 10, Bratislava

#HRUBratislava – Employee Engagement

HR Unconference

#HRU is an international social learning community for HR and Recruitment professionals. Every year we host over 6,000 HR & Recruitment professionals at 40+ events in 20 countries worldwide.

#HRU events, aka HR Unconferences, are a platform where progressive HR practitioners and influencers can meet, connect and discuss the latest trends, HR Tech products and solutions. They are designed for a better knowledge-sharing experience and a higher level of engagement. ”

#hruBratislava – Engagement will highlight issues related to growing demand for bringing new engagement tools and practices, especially for executive roles. Discussions will be focused around HR technology, HR startup environment, motivation through culture elements & flexible work arrangements of Bratislava region. Key discussion topics will include practices of sophisticated engagement solutions and cutting – edge tech products for recruiters.

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Engagement between the track leaders and participants will be ensured by  slido-logo

At #HRUBratislava, we want to make sure we address your most burning questions and challenges. Therefore, we’ll be using Slido that allows you to submit your questions and upvote the ones you like the most.
It’s really easy to join:
2 Enter #HRUBratislava
3 Select room

Arrivals & Morning Coffee (Conference center, 8th floor)

09:45 Welcoming Words (Room  “Aristotle”)

  • Welcome from the organizers by the representative of GlobalHRU
  • Instructions how to use Slido tool by the representative of Slido
Room “Socrates” Room  “Aristotle”
10:00 Daniel Marek: Engagement starts from the top Rastislav Duriš & Zuzana Lazišťanová: How to hire for engagement?

Dusan Antos: How to loose employee engagement in a fast growing company

Lydia Sirotova: How to be creative in work?


Zuzana Kresankova & Vlasta Kostercova: Does the work adapts to life or life to work?

Martina Vyskocova & Peter Andrisin: To be (engaged) , or not to be (employee): that is the question (Hamlet)

Lunch & Networking (Open terrace, Room “Da Vinci”)

14:00 Janka Holubekova: Successful practices of making people engaged (track will be held in Slovak language) Lygia Fulbrook & Milan Gajdoš: Employee engagement – corporation versus startup
15:00 Milan Novák: How can talent attraction strategy impact employee engagement
Mr. Heinrich von Hollen: The tension between order (leadership) and obedience (subordinates)
16:00 Peter Žipaj: Engagement through environment: freedom & responsibility Peter Duris: How to predict level of engagement according to candidate’s resume?
17:00 Closing words (Room  “Aristotle”)
17:10 Wine & Snacks (Open terrace, Room “Da Vinci”)
HR Gourmet: Daisy & Liis

HR Gourmet: Daisy & Liis

Email: hru@hrgourmet.com

We are happy to be hosted by KPMG in Slovakia. Upon entering the KPMG building please register at the lobby reception. You will need to show your ID / passport in order to obtain visitor card (for the lifts). Please go to 8th floor where the KPMG Conference Centre is located and ring the bell on the left hand side. Please note that the parking is extremely limited around KPMG HQ right now. The perfect solution to this is proposed by our taxi partners (read above).
KPMG HQ (8th floor)
Dvořákovo nábrežie 10, Bratislava

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