April 15, 2016
Step IT Academy
bul. "Aleksandar Stamboliyski" 55, 1000 , Sofia

#HRUSofia – Sourcing

HR Unconference

#HRU is an international social learning community for HR and Recruitment professionals. Every year we host over 6,000 HR & Recruitment professionals at 40+ events in 20 countries worldwide.

#HRU events, aka HR Unconferences, are a platform where progressive HR practitioners and influencers can meet, connect and discuss the latest trends, HR Tech products and solutions. They are designed for a better knowledge-sharing experience and a higher level of engagement. ”

#HRUSofia – Sourcing is laser-focused on highlighting issues related to growing demand for bringing new sourcing tools and practices, especially for tech roles. Discussions will be focused around sourcing and hiring in ICT sector of Sofia region. Key discussion topics include practices in building effective talent pipelines, sophisticated solutions in social sourcing and cutting-edge tech products for recruiters.


Arrivals & morning coffee

09:45 Welcoming words
10:00 Delyan Lilov: Recruitment for IT – why and what is different? Alexandra Shtetinska: How to attract and onboard IT candidates by earning  their trust?
11:00 Daniel Stefanov: Raising stars in the ICT sector – what it takes to grow the perfect employee? Todorka Angelova: IT recruiter as a mediator – the connection between business, hiring managers and IT specialists
12:00 Polina DekovaEmployer/Recruitment branding practices as an engagement strategy for talent pools Natasha Kumcheva & Paul Mouchet: Make each identified candidate a valuable one  

Lunch & networking

14:00 Danail Kanchev: Setting up environment for sharing and collecting recruitment data in 10 minutes Snezhana Raykinska & Nina Shtereva: Adjusting to the new climate – common mistakes recruiters make today and how we could avoid them to keep talent search on track
15:00 Nikolai Nikolov: Ethics and integrity in sourcing and recruitment practice. How to achieve best results using headhunters and to prevent preventing being headhunted Stamen Kotchkov: Time-to-(not)-fill for IT positions – influence on company’s performance & project delivery
16:00 Closing words
HR Gourmet: Daisy & Liis

HR Gourmet: Daisy & Liis

Email: hru@hrgourmet.com

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Step IT Academy
bul. "Aleksandar Stamboliyski" 55, 1000 , Sofia

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